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About TYM Studio™

TYM Studio™ is a collaboration between numerous professors and professionals to provide students with paid work and real experience that drives ingenuity and job growth in technology and digital media industries. By developing innovative and empowering mentorships, we seek to bring value to employers, our programs, our communities, and our students.
As a studio, we create Showdowns that offer corporations sponsorships in which students create technology prototypes during a live-stream TV show. We also conduct One-Time Mentorships for companies seeking a turn-key solution for a short duration; and Apprentice Mentorships that are customized for a company and that run for a year long duration.
Our team includes a mix of professors and educators from various educational institutions (University of Houston, Texas A&M, Houston Community College, The Art Institute of Houston, University of Texas, Sam Houston State University); professional game and technology mentors; and Emmy® and award-winning broadcast producers.
Our collective goal is to see digital media and technology students find work while being trained in best practices for technology and media pipelines.

TYM Studio connects technology and media companies with college students through mentorships that drive innovation, talent development, and efficient project pipelines.

Karen Snyder
Karen Snyder, MFA

Managing Director & Transmedia Producer

Karen Y. Snyder (KYS Realm), MFA, Digital Media Executive, Producer, Professor & Consultant. Karen offers over 15 years of experience in developing and creating multi-media projects that include full-motion video games. In 2017, she researched and developed an economic impact report on the video game industry for the Houston area. She is an Adjunct Professor of Digital Media at the University of Houston.

Jon Lindgren
Jon LIndgren

Co-Founder & Broadcast Director

Jon is an experienced creative marketing solution executive and broadcast program producer.  He has over 20 years experience in broadcast production and he is a Tribeca Film Festival award-winner.

His background in development includes being the Founder of Recovery Network, an interactive patient education system from at the bedside through mobile app.

Dennis Mathews
Dennis Mathews

Mentor-IN-residence: Software Director

Co-founder and CEO of Revelation Interactive; IGDA Houston Chapter President; Houston Unity Engine Meetup founder; mentioned as 1 of the top 10 African American game developers by Black Enterprise.

Peter Perez
Peter Perez

Mentor-IN-residence: Marketing Outreach

Texas based, decorated army vet (Top Secret - SCI Clearance) turned marketing consultant and producer of esports events in the USA. Esports and marketing consultant for major events and festivals, such as DreamHack, exceeding 30,000 attendees. Esports and block chain promoter.

James Parkman
James Parkman

Mentor-IN-residence:  Game Design & Management

James has been developing video games for 20 years, and has worked with companies such as Atari/Legend Entertainment, NCsoft, Vigil Games, Portalarium, and numerous other startups and indie developers. James got his start in game development as a senior or lead designer on such games as the Wheel of Time, Unreal 2, and Tabula Rasa. Since 2013 James has served as the Studio Director for the independent studio Kingdom Games, producing several titles for PC and PlayStation 4.

Kevin Wu (KevJumba)
Kevin Wu

Mentor-IN-residence: TAlent DEvelopment

Veteran YouTube creator and Producer (as KevJumba: 2.6 million subscribers)

Scott Gibbs
Scott Gibbs


Voice actor known for his roles in Starship Troopers: Traitor Of Mars, Parasyte, No Game No Life, Haikyū!! and over 25 other anime productions. Gibbs has traveled the world working in theatre, commercials, and motion-capture. Currently he is a Houston-based improv talent and Master Teaching Artist for the Alley Theatre.  

Robert D. Bryant
Prof. Robert D. Bryant

Robert Denton Bryant has worked in Hollywood in marketing and production, and in video games as a publisher and a developer. Director of Video Game Development at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas.

Joowon Kim
Prof. Joowon Kim

A Visiting Professor at SMU Guildhall focused on Serious Games, DigitalHealth and VR/AR development. Passionate about solving real-world problems through Serious Games and Immersive Technologies.

Trish Rigdon
Trish Rigdon, MFA

Institutional Program Chair of Media Arts, The Art Institute Houston.

Judson Touby
Prof. Judson Touby

Four-time Emmy® winning producer. Currently a professor and coordinator for Sam Houston State University's new BFA degree program in film and television.

Andre Thomas
Prof. ANDRÉ Thomas

Founder and director of the LIVE Lab in the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M University; CEO of Triseum, an educational game studio; and advisory board member at the National Academy of Science.

Prof. Chang Yun
Prof. Chang Yun

Instructional Associate Professor at University of Houston; two-time winning Microsoft Imagine Cup competition student team leader.

Dr. Lance Black
David Achim

Managing Partner at Zaqen Capital; focused on early stage investment and strategy.

Dr. Lance Black
Dr. Lance Black

Assistant Director & Medical Device Innovation Lead at Texas Medical Center.

Zachary Bujnoch

AT&T project manager for high profile healthcare innovation projects.

Michael Dawson
Micheal Dawson

Expert in Digital Media. Instructional Lab Manager for the Digital Media Program at The University of Houston.


Accomplished physician, hospital and business executive, USAF flight surgeon and former NASA flightsurgeon.

Alfred Poor
Dr. Alfred Poor

Alfred Poor, PhD, is a health tech futurist and the founding Editor of Heath Tech Insider and a professional speaker and writer.

John Canning
John Canning

Executive Producer for Digital Domain VR/AR/MR & Chairman, New Media Council: Producers Guild of America.

Michelle Fitzgerald
Michelle Fitzgerald

Three-time winning Emmy® award winning producer.

Nathan Lerner
Nathan Lerner

President at Lerner Productions, a student run live-streaming production firm.

Phil Snyder
Prof. Phil Snyder, MFA

Former professional voice-over actor; Instructional Associate Professor of Digital Media Production Program Coordinator, Transmedia Marketing™ Certificate
College of Technology
University of Houston.

Marisa Erven
Marisa Erven

Art Director leading and mentoring teams of artists, designers, and developers to create story driven content and deliver creative products which elevate customer experiences in multi-sensory environments and new technologies.

William Golden
William Golden

Executive Director for the Immersive Technology Conference in Houston, TX, William is also the co-organize the Houston VR Meetup Group.

Chad Modad
Chad MOdad

Senior Manger of VR/AR at Accenture, Modad leads the Houston chapter of the VR / AR Association. He is also the founder of Omniverse VR, an entertainment provider.

Angel Muniz
Angel Muniz

Immersive Designer & Art Lead -3D at IS Studios, LLC. Director of Immersive Art & National Science Foundation Grant Investigator and Developer for AR/MR/VR program.

Josh Ruben
Josh Ruben

The Co-founder and CEO of Z3VR, Ruben's background includes advising for Energizing Heath and the Product Manger for BrainCheck, an  investor-funded, digital health start-up creating a platform to track brain performance over time. Houston VR Head of Business Development.

Video Game PIPELINE aDVISORS & Mentors
Sean Bellinger
Sean Bellinger

Former Lead Video Game Artist at Team Grey Box at Six Foot, Bellinger brings 20 years of visual communication experience to students that he teaches as an adjunct at the Art Institute of Houston.

David Kurcina

CEO of Tangerine Pop, a casual video game studio. A consultant   for Shockwave, IBM, Capitol Records, NVIDIA, and LeapFrog, David has developed content for such musicians as the Beatles, Paul McCartney,Gary Wright, Phil Driscoll, and the Music Machine.


A game designer for over 20 years, Chip has worked with companies such as Ubisoft, Sony Interactive, LucasArts, Sixense, Crystal Dynamics, EA, and OtherSide Entertainment. His work can be found in games such as "Star Wars - Galaxy of Heroes" (senior designer), "Rise of the Tomb Raider", and "Portal 2".

Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith

The Founder of Darkshot Studios, an indie game studio and the curator of the Houston Game Dev Meetup.

David Walker
Walker, MPM

Video Game Industry Veteran. Currently, the Co-founder of Humaginarium. Formerly with EA, BrainCo, Adobe, and Professor and Dean of the Game and Simulations Programming  at DeVry University.

STUDIO Partners

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Partner 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
Lerner Productions
A live-stream production firm
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Professional video game and simulation developer
What makes us tick?
Female-Led Company
TYM Studio™ is a female-led organization which happens to have lots of other amazing people from different backgrounds who are all contributing their brilliance.
B-Corp Pending
We are B-Corp pending. B-Corp is a third-party certification that verifies our goal of "profit with purpose" (we expect certification to go through mid-2021). We are an Open Book company and everyone must speak to the financial integrity of the studio.
Great Game of Business
We employ the methodology of the Great Game of Business in both the running of the studio and in teaching students to be able to speak to accounting line items and to account for their time.
Release People into their calling
We aspire to create a hub that releases creative technologists into their calling so they can bring value to their employers, their communities and their families.