Transform Sales WITH 3D Visuals

Proposal Visualizations

3D product visuals are important because they allow government officials, the public or an executive team to visually comprehend the value of a proposed design. Quality 3D visualizations can also improve the design and development process, increase sales, and provide a unique personalized customer experience.

People form a first impression in a mere 50 milliseconds. An estimated 84% of communication is visual, thus presentations that include images produce 650% higher engagement than text-only presentations.

Using 3D visuals also plays an important role when Engineering firms or Architectural studios are submitting a proposal.  

However, high level engineers are generally busy on already commissioned projects and they do not have the time to work with the Proposal team to build a simulation.

Our team can assist in creating effective 3D simulations to visualize a project so that it can wow the target client and win the bid.


STEP 1: We review the needs of the RFP proposal with the lead engineer to define what is more critically required to be visualized in 3D form.
STEP 2: We develop all required 3D assets based on 2D CAD files, photos or volumetric scans.
STEP 3: We blend all the assets into a Twin Motion file and add any animations (such as traffic, people walking, etc.).
Step 4: We provide you with a final video file, generally about one minute in length, to submit with the RFP proposal.

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